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Happy New Year!

January 3, 2004 by Naomi Redding

What’s up? Life is good and I look forward to many more fun and productive years.

This time of year is great for thinking about all the good things that have happened throughout the previous year. 2003 was a year particularly full of wonderful and memorable happenings for me.
*Mike and I got engaged! (sept.)
*Mike bought a house (April)
*I got to go to France for July and August (unforgettable)
* I finished 3.5 years of college–just one more semester to go!
*I got a convertible Infinity M30 which I LOVE (April)
*Huge progress on the house
*New roof
*New front door
*New front window
*some nice curtains
*New lighting throughout
* New stucco on front (still in progress)
*Mike and I got Morgan (our kitty)
*Rachel graduated from College (June)
*Rachel started in the Peace Corps in Jamaica
*Mom and Craig sold properties in NY and purchased two houses in Orinda, CA
* I got a digital camera (two, actually–thank you so much!!!)

Really we all have very much to be grateful for. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my happy life!

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