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April, 2004

  1. No more peeking :)

    April 9, 2004 by Naomi Redding

    Since we will be using this site to post wedding pictures, I decided to take down the pics of my dress. The next time most of you will see it will be July 24, 2004! Yay!!! 🙂

  2. Customer Service exists!

    April 9, 2004 by Naomi Redding

    I am really grateful that Vince at the All American Motor Sports company in Stockton didn’t take me for a ride.

    Let me explain. Periodically my tires go flat. I’ve had them fixed several times and finally the tire guy said that the problem was that the chrome on the inside of my wheel was peeling off and the tires would no longer hold a bead to the rims. His suggestion was that I purchase new rims. I had called various tire shops looking for new rims for my 1992 Inifiniti M30 and my rims are apparently quite rare (none in CA)… and expensive.
    Finally I decided to call any shops in the area to see if anyone would have new rims that would fit my car so that it would be driveable this weekend. When I called All American Motor Sports the owner asked me why I thought I needed new rims. I explained, and he said that an easier solution would be to fix my rims (remove the chrome from the inner wheel)! I was delighted. He really cared about me more than my money and after talking with many other shops, this was an oasis for me. I’m sure he could have ordered the expensive rims I thought I needed but he helped me find a solution that I’m much happier with.

    I took the car in this morning and it was finished in about an hour. I could not be happier. Vince saved me $455 (the difference between the least expensive rims and the repair job).

    I would recommend this shop!