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Christmas Lists

December 10, 2003 by Naomi Redding

Here is a quick listing of what most people mentioned they would enjoy for their “wish list”:

*”The Message” Bible Translation (new) (New Testiment, Pslams, etc)
*gift cert to nursery
*cell phone
*rose bush
*table saw/miter saw

*Sheet chamber music: Peter’s edition Beethovan string quartet Opus 18 (with a green cover)
*CD: John Field Piano Concerti (Pianist John Ireland)
*Office Furniture
*Bathrobe (LLBean navy or green for 36″ chest and 32-33″ arms
*Warm nice slippers (moccasins)
*Wool clogs
*new belt 31″waist
*2 car cushions
*Book on California history
*size 10 smart wool socks

*Pot rack (for the kitchen) long and narrow, fairly simple
*PDA–ask what kind
* gift cert
*dress shirts
*apple 23″ monitor (Cinema display)
*Digital camera SLR Rebel

*Patagonia gift cert.
*Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies gift cert.
*d’Arches watercolor paper
*crepe pan
*spa day

*Memory for Apple ibook computer
*Canon color i450 bubble jet printer ($49)
* monetary contributions

*The North Face Nupse Jacket Black/Large
*Sony Vaio Laptop w/DVD New or Used
*Camel Back Water System
*New Clothes I like Stuff from Banana Republic, J Crew
*Black 2002 Toyota Tundra
*Digital Camera
*Video Camera
*PS 2 Games
*Trip to Japan
*New Speakers for the Honda, Front Driver and Passenger side
*New Job that actually pays money
*Family Happiness
*King size Comforter 300tc

*Sony digital camera
*WiFi card 802.11B/g (So I can access the wireless internet at school)
*new clothes
*speakers for my computer
*love and encouragement

*Hooded sweatshirts (not zipper kind)
*sturdy 6′ ladder
*desk with file drawer
*new bindings

*Digital picture frame
*HBO for a year
*VHS: Santa Clause II

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