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October 14, 2003 by Naomi Redding

I did some thinking tonight. Here are my priorities: 1. enjoy my life 2. be a great familymember and friend 3. do things that satisfy my soul (like painting and taking long showers) 4. do well in school.

I decided that it would be ok if I didn’t get all A’s this semester. I still will do well in my classes but I will not try to force myself to stay up way too late night after night. I did not join a sorority while in college; I want to dedicate myself to more non-academic endevors such as being a great vice president for Beta Gamma Sigma (the prestigious business honor society).

Tonight I painted a picture of my new teddy bear with a rose petal on his nose. Mike gave me two dozen roses this weekend! Roses are really wonderful things…I think every woman and girl loves to get them. šŸ™‚ I sure do. I have a pretty big test tomorrow in International Financial Management which I will study for, but I decided that it’s ok if I don’t ace it. I prefer to do well in school but if I don’t do things that I really enjoy (such as painting my delightful bear), what will I be left with??? A diploma and a transcript, but no colorful journal pages and pictures.

And so I painted. Which reminds me that I need more blue paint.

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