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Life is good

October 24, 2003 by Naomi Redding

I love life. I’m pretty happy today as I have been lately. Last night I looked through my three French journals and it was like visiting an old friend. I must keep writing! I found out that there’s a French club here on campus so I may start conversing with them. Est-que je peux vous aidez-parler?

J’aime francais et meme que je peux parle en francais je pensais en francais. Mon grammaire n’est pas toujours correct mais ca ne me derrange pas. J’aime les blagues et aussi j’aime mon bague fianciere–c’est magnifique!

Back to english…I am writing a biography on Ben and Jerry for my Mentor III class. We’re learning about options (call, put, convertable, futures) in my international financial markets class. We’re studying decision-making in my operations management class. We’re calculating the present value of future cash flows in my financial markets class. I’m still working driving the golf cart around campus and at Fern Lodge some weekends. I love Mike. We’re having a halloween party soon–it should be awesome! I got the tanktop I ordered from (CafePress). What else? I’m considering cutting my hair to shoulder length ( What do you think?) Before I cut it though I’ve been trying different styles (braids, parting it in a different spot, different way of making/securing a bun, etc).

I’m taking the practice GMAT next saturday. I sent a bday package to Rachel today. I am happy. I’m a belly dancer. That is really fun. I started taking classes at our fitness center and I love it. We were going to perform but it was cancelled so now I just dance for myself. It’s so fun! I decided to show off some of my moves this Halloween as a *you guessed it* belly dancer.

Maybe I’ll scan in my French pictures tongith

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